The Team

Zamruth Faiz
Director, Creator and Producer.

Zamruth had the idea of communicating lots of burning issues with an understanding of the big picture to the normal person via films and books. Zamruth worked against all odds; natural disasters, financial restraints, interfering neighbours, house moves, lost jobs and family pressures to name a few. Seemingly endless problems that this simple guy overcame, driven only by a passion for his faith and craft.

Hash Milhan
Right-Hand Man

Hash has taken on multiple roles, providing massive contributions as in house technical whiz, graphic designer, and camera man, even continuing beyond the call of duty to build web pages and has always offered creative support.

Lucy Evans

Do not underestimate the burdens of a presenter! Lucy was involved in all aspects of understanding the arguments so she can interrogate Zamruth`s arguments and is the voice of the people. Lucy worked hard getting in to grips with all the research, and was often knee deep in books and articles. Lucy was a staunch supporter from the beginning, bringning in her consistent enthusiasm and energy, and was intelligent and articulate in all her contributions.

Rawiya Barradi

Raouia has been a solid supporter since the start and has consistently offered moral and financial assistance. Raouia has also been an energetic contributor in the Islamic research.

Tom Carter
New Ager

Tom brought his knowledge of new age philosophy to the project, and was a brilliant resource to develop arguments and reason against.

Adam Blavatski

Adam brought his extensive knowledge of Christianity and other subjects to add to the development of arguments in this project. An intelligent and well-read contributor, he was a great asset to the project’s overall knowledge base.

Servet Orzen
Turkish Political Historian

Servet has been a great supporter of the project, always offering moral support and the benefit of his knowledge, and was in the thick of it when filming with tech support, camera and lighting. He makes the best cinnamon tea too!

Alex Smith

Alex offered his creative musical talents and put some sophisticated tracks together for the opening and closing sequences of the films.

Emma Edwards
Song Writer

Emma put her great talents to use writing several powerful songs for the project. She was definitely a great asset to the project, getting to grips with its messages, and became one of the family.

Kim Lone

Kim performed some of the songs, adding a great style and professionalism to the final pieces.