Episode 5: The Brutal Shariah Law

Episode 5: The Brutal Shariah Law

The Islamic Origins of the British Common Law

“The Islamic legal system was far superior to the primitive legal system of England before the birth of the common law. It was natural for the more primitive system to look to the more sophisticated one as it developed three institutions that played a major role in creating the common law…

“The action of debt and trial by jury introduced mechanisms for a more rational, sophisticated legal process that existed only in Islamic law at that time…”

John A. Makdisi – Professor of Law

Shariah Law is to the Muslim what Mosaic Law was to Jesus and the Jews.

Adultery, in many States, is still a crime

Social conservatives, however, insist that such laws are needed to back up moral dictates with criminal sanctions. A 1997 poll showed that 35% of Americans believe adultery should be a crime, and similar efforts to decriminalize adultery have met with opposition in states such as Illinois and Minnesota.

By Jonathan Turley