Episode 4: The Oppression of Women and Islam

Episode 4: The Oppression of Women and Islam

“We’ve become a heavily sexualized culture, but it’s consumerism and sex rolled into one. Revolutionary movements tend to be co-opted-swallowed up by the mainstream and turned into pop culture.

It’s a way of neutralizing it, when you think about it… It makes it all safe and palatable, it shuts up the radicals. Once that happens, the real power is pretty much dissipated.”

P 196 – Female Chauvinist Pigs by Ariel Levy

Through modest dress and apparently having no say in marriage or work, women seem to be oppressed, and indeed they are in many parts of the Muslim world today.

Yet I demonstrate that this is in absolute contradiction to the true Islamic teachings and that in fact Islam leads the way in breaking ground for women’s equal rights in all matters, including money, matrimony, education and career.

Cultures so often collide with faith and law, and the oppression of women is a typical case where it is absolutely forbidden in Islam.

I expose facts that show that the true exploitation and oppression of women are far greater in the West and examine the state of females everywhere else in the world.